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Welcome to the "new" Greenville GOP:  Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow citizens to help make a better Greenville, South Carolina.  We focus locally where we can make a difference, while also providing support and guidance for our fellow "lepers" all across South Carolina.  We focus on issues where we can make a real difference.  Issues where we can make change that benefits our fellow Greenville citizens and the State of South Carolina.  And with South Carolina holding the FIRST IN THE SOUTH presidential primary every four years, we can make a real difference on the national stage as well.  Join us and help make a difference like never before.


Chairman:  Jeff Davis | | 843-901-8036 (cell)

State Executive Committeeman: Mike Voaden | 203-810-6759 (cell)

1st Vice Chair: Yvonne Julian | 864-360-9246 (cell)

2nd Vice Chair (Communications): Scott Meehan | | 540-836-9843 (cell)

3rd Vice Chair (Membership / Precinct Reorganization): Vacant | 

4th Vice Chair (Outreach):  Griffin Callahan | 864-915-4731 (cell)

5th Vice Chair (Events): Terri Wicker | | 864-906-6523 (cell)

Treasurer: Mary Wheeler |

Secretary: Janice Neikirk | 530-200-4100 (cell)

Parliamentarians:  Mitchell Dobrenen | 864-506-1145 |  

Ray Sheen | | 864-430-1880 (cell)

Press Secretary: Sam Manley  |  | 864-421-5499 (cell)


Legislative Liaison Committee (Chairman): Harrison Musselwhite , Karen Eachus, Christopher Martin 

      • Federal Liaison Subcommittee
      • Statewide Officers Liaison Subcommittee
      • SC Senate Liaison Subcommittee
      • SC House Liaison Subcommittee
      • Greenville County Council Task Force
      • School Board Task Force: Sarah Magg
      • Greenville City Council Task Force
      • Travelers Rest
      • Greer
      • Mauldin 
      • Simpsonville
      • Fountain Inn

Communications Committee: Dakota Fitzgerald

Sam Manley, Jo Jones 

ReOrg & Membership Committee: Brett Brocato

Debbie Kimmel, Kevin Gent 

Outreach Committee (4th Vice Chair): Griffin Callahan, 

Debbie Macauley, Yvonne Julian,  

Events Committee (5th Vice Chair):, 

Susana Saravia, Jason Callaway

Finance Committee (Treasurer): Eric Beck,

Christopher Martin, Carol Lesko 

Rules Committee (Parliamentarian): Mitchell Dobrenen,

 Ray Sheen, Mike Dahlheim, Bob Finley 

Resolutions & Motions Committee: Steve Quick

Joshua Tucker, Mitchell Dobrenen

Credentialing Committee: Joe McLaughlin

Robyn Rush, Holly Sheen   

Teller Committee: Heather Sheen

Anita Lane, Shelly Jones, Raquelle Sheen 

Civic Engagement Committee: Joe Citeno

 Tim Bastine, Tina Bollinger  

Candidate Recruitment Committee: Jessica Saravia, 

Janice Neikirk, Eric Snyder   

Election Integrity Standing Committee: Mike Voaden

Angie Fisher, Brett Brocato, Janice Neikirk 


Oppose Mandatory Mask / Vaccine Mandates 
Support November 2020 Election Integrity Audit 
Support Closed Primaries 
Support “real” private School Choice (minimal government involvement) 
South Carolina has the nation's worst rated private school choice program.  Why?  The Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children (ECENC, aka "Exceptional SC") is the only tax credit scholarship program run by the government.  Republican legislators and "paid" advocates did this, not the left or public school lobbies.  South Carolina needs to bring back free-market school choice using independent non-profits for administration (not a single government run entity) like all 25 +/- other programs in America.  We also say "NO" to 100% government run Education Scholarship Accounts (ESA) proposed by "paid" advocates.
​Judicial and Lawyer Reform
South Carolina is the only state in the nation where judges are selected by the state legislature.  This is a conflict of interest. South Carolina deserves an independent judicial system appointed by the Governor with advice and consent of the SC Senate.  Unlike our neighboring states and the vast number of states in America, South Carolina also has no bar reciprocity or lawyers.  Experienced lawyers from other states are therefore forced to take the SC Bar Exam in order to be admitted to the SC Bar.  This practice keeps the legal community small and protectionist - as evidenced by the most recent Alex Murdaugh matters. We need bar reciprocity in South Carolina to expand the bar to attorneys outside the SC "good ole boy system" to allow for a greater independence of representation. 

GCGOP Election Fraud Special Report & Findings


Greenville County Legislative Delegation

​(SC Senate & House of Representatives Members)

Greenville County Council

Greenville City Council