United States Sovereignty

The sovereignty of the United States of America, if it is to continue to exist, must not only be recognized by other nations, it must be held in the highest regard by our own people. The sovereignty of the United States of America must never be abridged.

While the United States must maintain its role as leader of the free world and participate in trade and military alliances which serve our interests and the cause of justice, we must jealously guard our sovereignty in these agreements. This Party believes that U. S. troops should never serve under foreign command and that our nation should have absolute control over its trade policy and its economic system. While unilateral action is never preferred, this party understands that “going it alone” is still preferable to the language and actions of defeat and failure.

No state or Union can retain its sovereignty or enforce the rule of law if it cannot secure its borders. The South Carolina Republican Party welcomes any and all people who to come to the United States to enjoy the freedom and opportunity this land offers as long as they comply with our laws regarding immigration and citizenship. However, the citizens of South Carolina are impacted daily by the endless breach of our borders by illegal immigrants. We recognize that these breaches have caused great and increasing harm to our security, our economy, our education and health systems, and the quality of our environment. We urge stricter state and federal enforcement of border control to the ultimate end of eliminating the grave burden such criminal activity perpetrates on our educational, social, economic, and natural resources.

The status of the millions of illegal aliens currently in the United States must be addressed, and the South Carolina Republican Party adamantly opposes blanket amnesty for anyone who has not gone through the appropriate legal channels to enter our country. We also believe that the legal immigration process to becoming a United States citizen should include assimilation into American culture, including a prerequisite of proficiency in English. Furthermore, we call for the designation of English as the official language of the United States.