The Right to Work

The South Carolina Republican Party affirms the values of freedom, self- discipline, and work.

We recognize the workingmen and women of South Carolina as the primary economic resource of this great state. Because the free enterprise system is the best way to provide jobs for hardworking South Carolinians, the Party supports the strengthening of this system, opposes mandatory union membership and dues, and supports the Right to Work law.

The Party also recognizes the unfortunate reality that too many in South Carolina’s workforce are ill equipped to achieve their potential due to insufficient education, lack of ambition, or poor work skills. While we call upon our government to protect the Right to Work, we call upon our citizens to rise up, equip themselves to meet their potential, and to provide the quality workforce needed for global competition and a higher quality of life.

The Party supports the amendment to the South Carolina Constitution that guarantees every worker the right to a secret ballot in a union organizing election. Workers deserve this privacy when deciding to elect a union as their representation, and a secret ballot protects them from unnecessary intimidation from a union or employer. We oppose any efforts by the federal government to eliminate the secret ballot or mandate binding arbitration for employers if their workers choose representation.