The Economy

The South Carolina Republican Party recognizes that the general welfare is promoted most effectively by dynamic economic development through the free enterprise system.

We understand:

  • from freedom, comes opportunity for individuals
  • from opportunity, comes growth and innovation
  • from growth, comes improved quality of life.

Freedom, opportunity and initiative are the foundations for economic growth. Economic growth is essential to secure personal employment and advancement. Such growth depends on a business climate that encourages investment and the creation of new jobs. Therefore, the Republican Party is committed to effective limits on the tax burden imposed upon citizens and businesses as well as increased access to capital needed for business expansion and long-term investment. We support the concept of enterprise zones as incentive for job creation and cuts in the capital gains tax rate as incentive for expansion.

We recognize government regulations tend to restrict economic growth and entrepreneurship by creating costs, which are passed on to the consumer. Therefore, government at all levels should assess the economic impact of proposed regulations and subject them to the test of financial reasonableness. Privatization is an important alternative to higher taxes and reduced services. If private enterprise can perform better and more efficiently than government, let it do so.

South Carolina’s major industries- Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Tourism must be nurtured and provided the necessary support and incentives to remain strong players in the employment of our people.

Agriculture: The Party stands with farmers against on- going efforts to dictate price levels and restrict production. We reject the notion that elected officials and bureaucrats make better farm managers than farmers.

The Party supports:

  1. Favorable capital gains policy to promote investment;
  2. Strengthening the role of U.S. products in world markets so that fair trade policies protect U.S. exports from unfair competition;
  3. Continued investigation into new crops and livestock which make S.C. farms more productive;
  4. Federal disaster assistance programs for the agricultural community;
  5. Streamlined permitting policies for environmental regulations;
  6. Standardized and reasonable, yet effective waste management policies to cover agricultural operations from the “family farm” to the “mega farm”;
  7. Continued work on biofuels research to promote greater potential uses for S. C. farm products;
  8. Education on and promotion of South Carolina’s vast agricultural products; and
  9. Respect for the property rights of South Carolina farmers.
  10. Support efforts to encourage consumers to buy products grown in South Carolina.

The Republican Party recognizes South Carolina must continue to create a more attractive climate for manufacturers to locate and expand. Toward this end, we support our Right to Work law and economic incentives making it financially feasible for companies to retool and update plants with American made machinery. We call for lower corporate taxes and for an enlightened regulatory policy that partners with industry to accomplish needed environmental controls.

The Party absolutely opposes card-check legislation that would quash freedom of association, effectively remove the right to a secret ballot election and allow predatory, outof-state interests to come into our state.

Tourism: The wealth generated through out-of state and international visitors significantly improves the quality of life for South Carolinians and gives us the opportunity to share the natural beauty with which we have been so blessed.

The Party fully supports efforts to increase quality growth in our tourism industry. We oppose regulatory efforts of the tourism industry which go beyond reason and have as their real goal the reduction of visitation to our state.