States’ Rights

South Carolina Republicans note with great alarm the continual erosion of states’ rights guaranteed in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution and the regular usurpation of state prerogatives by the national government.

The Party applauds the stand taken by our Republican Governors and Attorneys General to reverse unconstitutional federal mandates and resist federal coercion.

The party recognizes the courage of Justice Clarence Thomas in his dissent in U. S. Term Limits v. Thornton on May 23, 1995 where he wrote:

“The ultimate source of the Constitution’s authority is the consent of the people of each individual state, not the consent of the undifferentiated people of the nation as a whole….”

The Party encourages Republican Congressmen to continue efforts to devolve responsibilities from Washington back to the states. With a new commitment to Federalism, states will again be empowered to govern effectively and the national government can again concentrate on its constitutional duties.