Peace Through Strength

The South Carolina Republican Party makes known our unwavering support for the United States Armed Forces. We believe a strong, well equipped, and fiscally empowered military is essential to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

We believe the strength of our military has been a significant factor leading to the failure of communism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Bloc. The numerical and technological strength of our standing Armed Forces will continue to be vital to protecting our way of life from Fundamental Islamic extremists who will stop short of nothing less than the destruction of our country. We urge the current Administration and Secretary of State to never waiver in their commitment to win the Global War on Terror.

We strongly encourage foreign policy which empowers democratic freedom fighters and counters terrorists and communist expansionism, especially in our hemisphere. We applaud former President Bush for supporting democracies throughout the world, including Israel.

We applaud the leadership of former President Bush who recognized the threat of ballistic missiles possessed by unstable regimes. We urge the current Administration and Congress to continue his work to build a ballistic missile defense system to protect American citizens and those of our strategic allies.

We honor and owe a great debt to those who have defended our shores and come to the aid of our allies under siege. We support local, state and federal legislation which honor, educate, and empower military veterans and their families, especially those who gave the supreme sacrifice so that we might be free. We call upon the Federal Government to fulfill all of its promises and commitments to the nation’s veterans and their families. We owe special gratitude to those service members who served the nation under the selective service laws. We believe that it dishonors the nation and defames the blood shed by those who fought to secure and preserve our liberty when those who refused to serve or deceitfully avoided selective service are elevated to positions of honor and power.

We honor all South Carolina and United States citizens who honorably served in the military. We appreciate and honor the service of all veterans of all wars, foreign and domestic. We support private efforts to preserve South Carolina’s rich military history.

We believe the South Carolina National Guard must be trained and equipped with the stateof-the-art and maintained at maximum readiness – a ready resource for deployment by the governor of South Carolina in the event of civil unrest, natural disaster or other emergencies