Health Care

The South Carolina Republican Party believes Health Care should remain in the hands of citizens, not government bureaucrats. We enjoy the highest quality of care in the world because incentives and rewards exist for the development of new procedures and products. A disruption of those incentives by government regulation and intrusion will reduce patient choice, quality of service, and curb the development of life saving procedures.

Our goals should be clear:

  1. Guard the system that ensures patient choice, yet encourages patient responsibility for cost of services;
  2. Transfer power from institutions and bureaucracies to individual patients and their doctors;
  3. Restore competition and market forces to health care, including a state insurance pool;
  4. Rein in out of control Medicaid spending and reduce the injustices of cost-shifting through state block grants and voucher programs;
  5. Restructure tax policy to make medical care more affordable and accessible for millions of citizens through tax credits and full deductions of all health care expenditures, including out of pocket and insurance premiums.
  6. Reduce the cost of healthcare by instituting tort reform and thereby reducing frivolous lawsuits that causes the practice of defensive medicine.

Additionally, the public must also take responsibility for their health. We urge the prevention of disease through education and individual discipline. We support programs to help mothers and their babies get a healthy start in life though prenatal care and immunization; however, we also call for strong action to enforce parental responsibility with regard to alcohol, illicit drugs, neglect and abuse. While we are committed to respond to the AIDS epidemic through compassion, we stress that the spread of this deadly disease should be prevented through personal responsibility and the avoidance of high- risk actions, which transmit the disease.