Government Restructuring

The South Carolina Republican Party has long deplored the metastasizing and increasingly unaccountable state government bureaucracy which, entrenched in its own preservation, rendered itself inefficient in its service to the people of our State.

We praise past and present efforts calling for restructuring and streamlining of state government. We support attempts to further increase the efficiency of state government through increased government restructuring and call upon the Governor and the legislature to continue to reform state government structure and embrace the concepts of performance and regulatory audits to further identify and eliminate governmental waste. The Republican Party knows restructuring and rightsizing state government will save taxpayer dollars, improve public services, and return the appropriate balance of power, while reducing undue burdens to the people of South Carolina.

We urge the Legislature to give voters the opportunity to amend the Constitution of South Carolina so as to delete from the list of state officers which must be elected, so that they are appointed by the Governor, the following: Adjutant General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Comptroller General, Superintendent of Education, and Commissioner of Agriculture. We support legislation that dissolves the Budget and Control Board and places all of its duties and responsibilities in the Governor’s office. Furthermore, we support a constitutional amendment to require the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to run as a ticket.